Amanda Roberts is certified to teach AAA's Driver Improvement Program!


Driver Improvement Program Classes:

--4 Point Reduction- Reducing points on your license

--Fleet Training

--Mature Driver Training

Driver Improvement Program:

4 Point Reduction: $90 No checks

Students who are over 16 years old may attend an 8 hour class once every 3 years to reduce points on their driver's license. Students will be able to bring their lunch or leave to buy lunch in town. Click the link to check out your driving record points summary.

Please call or email us to request prices on Fleet and Mature Driver Training Classes. These classes maybe for one hour to eight hours depending on the needs of our clients.

**Paperwork will be processed between 7-10 days after you attend the class. 
Please plan accordingly if you have a suspension notice.
8 Hour Driver Improvement Program
4 Point Reduction Classes
Lunch Not Provided.
Upcoming Classes:
September 5th
8am to 4:30pm

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Road Test

Take your road test with us for $50! ***Students must be over 17 years old and have held their sc permit for 180 days. *** Students who are 15-16 years old must provide us with a copy of their PDLA form and/or a letter from the school on what training the student completed.

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