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Teen Program

  • Students attend one 8 hour class.

  • During the class we will plan their first BTW driving session, if they have held their permit over 5 months. 

  • When completing the 6 hours of  BTW driving sessions, students may choose two sessions of 3 hours BTW driving or 3 sessions of 2 hours BTW driving.

  • After completing the last BTW driving session, the road test will be administered.

Here at 1st In Class Driving School you will get the BEST Driver Training Program!

Our mission is to provide our students with best curriculum and teaching them the rules of driving in a stress- free environment.  

We are assisting students of all ages with their driving goals!

We provide the permit and road test to our students! This saves time at the DMV and takes away the stress of waiting to take the test at the DMV!

Reasons to choose our driving school:

  1. Experienced Patience, Professional, Understanding and Caring Male and Female Instructors

  2. Smaller Classroom Sizes

  3. Work Around Student's Schedule

  4. No Missing School To Drive/ Take the Road Test

  5. Lots Of Classes To Choose From

  6. 8 hour classes are fun and interactive

  7. Lunch and snacks are provided during the Teen 8 hour class.

  8. Student pick up and drop off for Behind The Wheel Sessions in you live within our service area.

  9. One- On- One Behind The Wheel Sessions- Students will get their full set of BTW Driving hours!

  10. Teen Driver Training Package includes taking the permit and driving test with us. (No test at the DMV unless you were selected for the random recall.)

  11. Parents may make payments on the teen driver training package.

  12. Easy registration for classes

  13. Most students complete our driving program within 1-3 weeks of attending the 8 hour classes, if they have held their permit over 180 days.

  14. Full Service Driving School

  15. We train experienced and inexperienced drivers.

  16. We have 4 driver training cars to choose from.

  17. Students will receive all of the necessary paperwork to obtain their permit/licenses

  18. Students will not drive our testing route over and over. Students will not drive the DMV testing route over and over. Students will drive and practice in other places around town.

  19. Students drive on the interstate during one of their sessions.

  20. For the safety of our students and instructors dash cameras are installed in our cars.

  21. If a student doesn't know how to pump gas, we will do a training on that.

  22. We have permit testing classes.

  23. We offer an 8 hour weekday class during the summer and winter break.

  24. Cars are smoke free and pet free! 

  25. Cars and Classroom are sanitized before/after each session!

  26. We have two great locations- Lancaster and Jefferson

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