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What Services Do I Need?
I do not have a permit- sign up for a permit testing class.
I have a permit- sign up for an eight hour class or a road test appointment.
*see details below*
We are NOT completing private driving with students who are over 21 years old at this time. Students must complete the teen or adult driving package.  

If you do not have a SC Permit...

If you do not have a SC Permit-

 sign up for a permit testing class if you NEVER had a permit or driver's license before.

The student must be a US Citizen. 

You must hold your permit 180 days before you can take your road test. 

International students/ students who had a permit or driver's license before must take the permit test at the DMV.

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If you have a SC Permit...

Students who are 15-16 years old must attend the 8 hour class unless they have a completed PDLA form to provide to us. 

The class is from 8am to 4pm- lunch is provided. During this class please bring your permit with you to class.

Students 17-21 years old will have the option to complete the Teen Driving Package or Adult Driving Package if they want insurance reduction. 

If you have not held your permit over 180 days, we will not drive all of your driving hours until closer to your 180th day. 

If students have not had lot of driving experience since they received their permit, there will be an additional charge of $50 per hour for extra driving hours those are needed. 

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